Beatify Boulevard
Beatify Boulevard


obsessively taking out books from the library and aggressively not returning them because I’m possessive


by Ambroise Tezenas
"For we are capable of doing only what we are inclined to do. And again, we truly incline only toward something that in turn inclines toward us, toward our essential being, by appealing to our essential being as the keeper who holds us in our essential being. What keeps us in our essential nature holds us only so long, however, as we for our part keep holding on to what holds us. And we keep holding on to it by not letting it out of our memory. Memory is the gathering of thought." — Martin Heidegger, What is Called Thinking? 

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Got My Mind Set on You by George Harrison

Killed three term papers and one final exam over the span of one week.

No better time to morph into a lean, mean studying machine.


Everyone is just waiting, Dr. Suess - Oh, The Places You Will Go

André Kertész
Greenwich Village, New York (woman reading in fire escape window), 1963.
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Set the woods on fire